November 15, 2011

The Gay Ways I Have Changed

I haven't been here in a while, folks. And I could whine and tell you everything that has been going on in my life, but there's only one reason why I haven't been writing lately:

Graduate school is kicking my ass.

BUT, in the meantime, I have created a little list of ways I have changed since I came out (almost two years ago, can you believe it? I shall throw a party for my fabulous gay self.)

1. I no longer carry a purse. Driver's license and credit cards go in my back pocket.  There's something really sexy about reaching into your back pocket to pay for a lady's drink.

2. Short hair, short nails. Enough said.

3. When I walk into a gay bar, I no longer feel like an imposter viewing that world from the outside.  I walk in with my dyke swagger and own the place.

4.  I am not afraid to get naked in a room full of women.  This is not what you're thinking, sluts, I mean at the spa. 

5.  I have learned that I have to watch what I say to women.  Chicks can take one LITTLE FUCKING thing out of context and go off for hours about it.  Sometimes I'd just rather have dental work done.

6.  I think like a gay person now.  My life before was about laundry and making dinner and how I could make my husband's life easier.  Now I realize that I was a reluctant participant in a heterosexist world.  Fuck that.

7.  I have this profound sense of happiness now, even on my worst days I feel confident, peaceful...and just a little naughty.


  1. I love this! No longer carrying a purse made me laugh. And number 7, well that made me want to high five you with a side of 'i hear that sister!'

  2. Awesome! I'm so happy for you!

    You should post more pictures of you with short hair. That might be the next step I take, but I need encouragement. :-)

  3. I'm glad that you're back...even if it's just for a moment.

    (How do you the do "no purse" thing? I cannot function if I don't carry one).

  4. Wow, I want to be JUST like you when I grow up! You are AMAZING!!

  5. Redbone, pockets! My lipgloss, keys and phone all go into my pockets. :)

  6. Number seven pretty much sums it up for me. :) Great list!

  7. I want to send you the perfect dyke wallet! It is super thin so you can keep it in your back pocket. :)

  8. 'bout time you came back to your adoring public. guess we all need a little time away. that being said...#5 was my fav. o the twists & turns of lesbian life... isn't it grand?

  9. Great post! I love #6 :) Oh and I understand your grad school stress, hang in there, it just gets worse and worse until its finally over! (Sorry...but I do hear it ends, eventually...)

  10. black leather wallet on a chain that locks onto my belt, should get one, may sound a tad redneckish but it sure does get peoples attention lol