June 1, 2011

They say you never really get over your first relationship with a woman...

My ex-girlfriend just told me that she doesn't want any contact with me anymore.  FOR A YEAR.  Said she needs to heal and move on; she needs to try to find someone who knows what they want. (Ironic because I'm pretty clear about what I want...)

I want to remember all the good things about our relationship and try to honor her place in my life, even if she no longer feels that I am worthy of a place in hers.

So what have I learned from being involved with a woman for over a year?
  • I can feel again.  Wow. When we first started flirting and talking, I was on fire, literally electric and buzzing.  Couldn't sleep, didn't want to eat.  After being in a life-coma for the past 12 years, I will always remember this as one of the happiest, most exciting times of my life.
  • Experiencing true intimacy: opening birthday presents in bed, writing love letters, dancing with her in the kitchen, reading aloud to each other.  The time when she laid on top of me, her hands on the sides of my face and said, "Welcome home," I felt something stir deep inside of me.  (It turned out to be the lesbian genie coming out of her bottle and that bitch just does not want to go back in.)
  • So many firsts: my first Pride, the first time I've ever truly been in love with someone, my first strap-on, my first broken heart.
  • The most passionate, incredible, scream-into-a-pillow-and-almost-pass-out sex of my life.

Wait, wait, wait...you know what?

    This whole post, while nostalgic and overly romantic and sappy, is really just glossing over the facts of the present moment.

    This baby dyke is at the developmental stage of a 16 year-old boy. I'm like a new vampire in a feeding frenzy wanting to bite everyone I see on the neck. 

    Seattle is full of hot dykes.

    I'm totally single and emotionally unattached now...and I need to taste the rainbow!

    I'm officially declaring June my month of baby dyke debauchery.  (Bonus: it's Pride month!)

    More adventures to come (pun intended), and I promise not to disappoint...


    1. 1. I'm right here!

      2. Amazing post.

    2. Yeaaaaaa!

      Good for you. Good that you're picking yourself up and dusting yourself off.

      Here's a toast to some of the most delectible, mind blowing, leg-shaking sexy days of Summer!

    3. "Experiencing true intimacy" that way my wake up call when I first dated a woman....well that and the fact that sex can be really really awesome!! Have a wonderful month, I agree that Seattle really is a town full of amazingly sexy lesbians so you will have a wonderful buffet to chose from as you "taste the rainbow!" ;)

    4. Can I just say how truly enjoyable that skittles photo is? And I am right beside ya... ready to slide down the rainbow of tasty dykes in this incredibly awesome city! =)

    5. can i be your wingman??? or wingwoman that is :)

    6. Yeah, I agree. I want to hang that Skittle picture on my wall, lmao!

      I have learned all the same things with my relationship. Before I was with another woman, I thought I didn't like sex. Ohhh, was I wrong, lol!
      It's summer. You're single and on the prowl. I see A LOT of fun in your future!! Enjoy it! :D

    7. Have fun dear! Lotsssssssssss of it! :-)